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With support of the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation and Government fo St. Petersburg

Baltic oil and Gas Trading and Transportation conference will take place in St. Petersburg on 19 – 20 May 2011. The event is organised with support of the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation and Government fo St. Petersburg.

Energy transit through the Baltic states and hydrocarbons trading in the region play an important role in the global energy trade, and are an important issue for traders, consumers, exporters and transport organisations in the CIS and north-west Europe. The region's favourable geographical position makes it a vital link connecting the CIS market to markets in Europe, America and Africa.

The conference will cover the current state of play in the Baltic transit market and forecasts for future development, as well as political and economic factors affecting transportation, current transit and transshipment capacities in the region and their commercial uptake, and ways of optimising logistical operations.

This event is the first one of the kind. It was created to highlight and study the role of one of the most significant transit regions for the export flow of crude and products from the CIS to Western Europe, United States and West Africa.

The event’s main objective is the analysis of the Baltic region’s existing position in oil trading, technical facilities for export transit in North-West Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and commercial aspects of various routes. Different development scenarios for the Region as one of the key export regions will be reviewed.

The Conference was developed for traders from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, North-West, Central and Eastern Europe, transportation specialists, refiners, product consumers, terminal owners and operators, vertically integrated companies.

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